About Us

Starunion E-Bike Components GmbH


Our company was established in 1985 and entered the bicycle industry in 1992.


We started to engage in design, R&D, manufacturing and marketing of electric bicycle parts and components in 1997.


In 2010 “Star Union” was set up as an independent High-End business division with specialized teams for research, marketing and production.


We put an optimized system in place to provide first-class brands with premium services that we base on the standards set by the American and European markets.


Four manufacturing bases:


Wuxing Star Union national standard factory, Wuxing Star Union European standard factory, Wuxing Star Union Tianjin, Wuxing Star Union Jiangsu


Three brands: Star Union, Wuxing, and Topology, which cooperate under a centralized management.


We employ over 1700 people, including 110 R&D professionals and technicians, 90 QC engineers, and over 110 employees responsible for production, supply, and logistics procedures.


Our Products revolve around four basic vehicle types: Electric Bicycles, Mini E-Scooters, GB E-Bikes and Electric Motorcycles


The full range of products includes: Mid-Drive Motors, Wheel Hub Motors, Controllers, Displays, Hydraulic Disc Brakes, Electric Control Switches, Power-off Brakes, LED Headlights and Taillights, Speed-Control and One-stop Solutions.


The Wuxing Group has set up a subsidiary in Mainz, Germany and representative offices in Taichun ( Taiwan ) , Hanoi ( Vietnam ) , Tianjin, Wuxi, Shenzhen, Yongkang, Taizhou, and Chengdu.


Meanwhile, Wuxing also receives orders from over 430 premium customers from all around the world.

Research & Development

Wuxing has recruited a number of outstanding professionals with varied R&D backgrounds in industrial design, structural engineering, software engineering, electronic hardware engineering, production technique engineering, optical engineering, and quality control engineering. The R&D team has contributed to over 300 patented inventions. We are the first and only component manufacturer in China to have a CNAS laboratory


The first and only parts company with a CNAS laboratory in China's two-round industry


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